Scotland Excel


The award of a place on a Scotland Excel framework marks the beginning of a partnership rather than the end of a process. This page provides some guidance on what suppliers can expect if they win a place on one of our frameworks.


Electronic catalogues (known as eCats) are files with information and prices for products available through our contracts which are used in electronic procurement systems. The files are loaded into the system to enable orders to be submitted to suppliers electronically.

While eCats are important post award - it's crucial that we work on eCat production with suppliers before the contract goes live to make sure our members are fully up to date on the products available shortly before go live. 


Mobilisation events

When a new contract is implemented, we will often invite suppliers to take part in events where our members can learn more about their products and services. These events are useful where a local authority is selecting a new supplier and can provide the best opportunity for influencing their decision. 

Events can take several formats depending on the nature of the contract. Suppliers usually have the opportunity to give a presentation and, in the case of goods contracts, a 'mini-exhibition' may take place to enable buyers to view or sample products. Events may be organised at one central location or on a local or regional basis.  

Management information

Scotland Excel requires suppliers to submit regular management information so that we can monitor spend and savings on behalf of our members.  It is also used to analyse purchasing patterns for contract reviews and renewals. A management information template will be provided to suppliers to complete on a quarterly basis.

Contract management

Contracts are monitored throughout the period of award to check that they are continuing to meet the needs of our members. As part of this process, we will meet with suppliers on a regular basis to discuss contract performance. These meetings may take place face-to-face or by telephone, and will be scheduled between one and four times each year depending on the risk or complexity of the contract. The meetings also provide an opportunity for suppliers to feedback their views.

Marketing campaigns

Suppliers are encouraged to undertake their own marketing campaigns to maximise the opportunity of winning a place on a framework. However, councils may undertake a 'best value analysis' or 'mini- competition' to select a preferred supplier from each framework.  In these cases, suppliers that have not been selected are unlikely to see a return from further campaigns.

Suppliers can request permission to use Scotland Excel's name or logo as part of their marketing activity.  A logo file and guidelines are available from the Scotland Excel marketing and communications team and all materials presented for approval before print or publication.