Scotland Excel


Collaborative procurement has moved far beyond an initial drive to effectively procure goods and services at an affordable cost.  Nowadays, our work ensures that the combined spending power of our members achieves better services and outcomes from well-managed and effective supply chains. And it’s a powerful lever for positive change in major agendas like social responsibility, economic growth, and sustainability.

Our approach

Through collaboration with councils, suppliers, and partners, Scotland Excel has reached the point where we save Scottish local government in the region of £15m a year, while helping our members get the best possible value when it comes to sourcing the goods and services they need.

There are many factors at play in collaborative procurement - engaging, sharing, learning, benchmarking, agreeing, improving, and innovating - to name but a few.  It is about achieving consensus not compromise. Our procurement teams are committed to working with local authority colleagues to providing the best possible arrangements for all members.

Collaboration is woven through all levels of our work and is heavily reflected in the way we develop national frameworks. To make sure the priorities and operational needs of our members are at the centre of each contract, councils come to User Intelligence Groups (UIGs) right at the start of the process to develop and shape a framework.

We hold regular forums for councils to tell us how our live frameworks are working and how the products and services are meeting their needs.  And our contract management role means we are always in close contact with framework suppliers to manage performance, review products and pricing, minimise any risks, and make sure the contract remains aligned to council needs.

Future developments

Collaboration is now embedded in public procurement as the challenge to deliver more for less, with no compromise on quality, increases.  Collaborative procurement within Scotland Excel and in the wider public sector delivers shared priorities, drives national policies and champions local benefits, all for the greater good of public services.

As we strive to become the partner of choice for our members, we hope we can expand our collaborative procurement services to offer bespoke contract development for local or regional needs.  In the meantime, you can read more about the positive outcomes supported by our contract portfolio in the how we help section.