Scotland Excel

15 Jan 2019

Independent Care Review

Scotland Excel has pledged support to help the Independent Care Review achieve its goals.

Care Review

Scotland Excel has made a pledge outlining what we will do to help the Independent Care Review achieve its goals of delivering real and lasting change for Scotland’s infants, children and young people who experience care.

As well as actively listening to the voices of children and young people who have experienced care, the Care Review seeks to understand the views of organisations working with and for vulnerable children and families.

As the national centre of procurement expertise for the local government sector, our care portfolio includes contracts for Children’s Residential Care and Education including Short Breaks, Secure Care and Fostering and Continuing Care Services.

Julie Welsh, Director of Scotland Excel, said: “Our care contracts can help provide a consistent approach to improving outcomes for those accessing care services and the tender specifications are designed to support their delivery. We are proud to support the Care Review and look forward to progressing the commitments made in our pledge.”

To help the Care Review achieve its goals, Scotland Excel has pledged to:

• Ensure the voices of young people are heard through their meaningful involvement in shaping our care contracts;
• Champion the rights of young people, remove the stigma of care and recognise that love is a key component of care;
• Where possible, consider opportunities for care experienced young people both organisationally and through our contracts;
• Ensure that information about what we do is easily understood and accessible, including to the young people who use the services;
• Make innovative, responsive and positive changes to support the findings of the “Journey” phase, to ensure all Scottish children receive the care they deserve;
• Commit to enabling a motivated and committed workforce who are passionate about caring for young people and their wellbeing.

We have contacted providers on our children’s services frameworks to encourage them to make a pledge. You can view our pledge or make your own on the Care Review’s Journey Pledge Wall.