Scotland Excel

11 Apr 2018

Getting Contract Management Right

Hugh Carr is a key speaker at high profile contract management event

Hugh Carr

Scotland Excel is looking forward to participating in Holyrood’s briefing on Effective Contract Management: Preparation, Principles and Practice in Edinburgh on 8 May.

The briefing will examine how organisations can best manage the life-cycle of contracts to improve financial and operational performance.

As part of the packed agenda, Hugh Carr, head of strategic procurement at Scotland Excel, will deliver a session on how to get contract management right.

Drawing upon his extensive experience in this area, Hugh will provide an overview of modern procurement and supply options as well as an up-to-date brief on the market environment, risk and how to navigate it.

Hugh will also discuss ways to improve procurement knowledge, decision making, processes and efficiencies before concluding with some lessons learned.

More information can be found here.