Scotland Excel

04 May 2020

Groceries goes live

New £120m groceries contract for councils is launched

Groceries framework

Our new contract to help councils source a wide range of food to serve up in communities has gone live with 15 companies announced as suppliers.

The groceries and provisions framework went live on 1 May, with 7 Scottish businesses among the supplier list.

The framework is predicted to see a spend of £120m over its 4-year term and is set to deliver savings to councils of around 1.4 percent.

It will help councils source a wide range of dairy, chilled, dried and ambient foods such as cheese, juices, squashes, butter, spread and margarine, yoghurt and flour, for use in schools, nurseries, leisure centres, community centres, social work, council and civic buildings.

It will fix prices for a minimum of 6 months and of the suppliers, 10 are small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

The groceries framework is one of six food contracts developed and managed by Scotland Excel.