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21 Oct 2019

Supplier Excellence Awards Top Tips

Advice to help you write a strong entry

Dougie Vipond Supplier Excellence

With only two weeks to go until the closing date for the Supplier Excellence Awards 2020, we share some top tips for crafting a strong entry.

#1 Give yourself enough time.

Compiling a good award entry takes time. But is well worth the effort as our past winners can testify. Mary Geaney who is CEO of Rossie Young People’s Trust, which picked up two awards in 2018, said, “it’s another mark of excellence for our organisation”.              

#2 Read the awards criteria carefully   

This will not only help you to decide which category to enter but will also allow you to jot down initial thoughts that can be fleshed out through further research.    

#3 It’s a team effort

You will cross the finish line in better shape, if you approach this as a team. Your colleagues will be able to identify evidence and anecdotes including data and testimonials.   

#4 Tell a great story

Put yourself in the judges’ shoes. Tell a story that is well structured and answers the questions you have been asked.       

#5 Stick to the word limit.

Establish what the word count is at the outset. You can do this by going through the registration process at deciding which category you want to enter and clicking Enter this category. You don’t have to complete the entry form there and then. And you can write the entry offline and then pull across to the system.   

#6 Proof-read your entry

A second or even third pair of eyes will help you pick up any typing errors and identify any last-minute improvements. If you are over the word count, is there any repetition or better ways to express things?  

For further information including qualifying criteria and a short video of highlights from the 2018 Supplier Excellence Awards go to    

Specific questions can be directed to Good luck!