Scotland Excel

18 Oct 2019

Animation brings framework to life

Watch the features of our £1.5bn New Build framework unfold

New Build Framework Animation

A film to showcase Scotland Excel’s New Build Residential Construction framework has been given its premiere at a housing event attended by more than 150 public sector leaders from across Scotland’s 32 local authorities, housing associations and the construction industry.

The film, that was conceived and scripted by Scotland Excel’s in-house marketing and communications team, was produced by RM Visuals in Glasgow and was created to bring Scotland Excel’s ground-breaking framework to life.

The short film highlights the key benefits of the framework that is available to all Scotland Excel’s members.

Julie Welsh, Director of Scotland Excel, said, “This film is an innovative and eye-catching way for us to explain one of the most important frameworks in our portfolio.

“Through the film we want to show our members that the framework is easy to use and has so many options to choose from.  A lot of the hard work on specification and pricing has already been done so they can get on with the important job of building quality affordable homes.”

You can also watch the three-minute film on the Scotland Excel YouTube channel

If you are a Scotland Excel member and you would like a copy of the film, please contact Graham McColl