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Question: How do I become a Scotland Excel supplier?

Answer: All our tender opportunities are published on Public Contracts Scotland, a free to use national advertising portal with details of contracting opportunities across the Scottish public sector. Suppliers must register on Public Contracts Scotland to take part in tender opportunities. Scotland Excel does not operate an approved supplier system or list.


Question: How are contracts tendered by Scotland Excel?

Answer: Scotland Excel tenders adhere strictly to EU and Scottish procurement regulations. Tenders are advertised on Public Contracts Scotland and managed using an easy-to-use electronic tendering system.

Question: Must I service every local authority?

Answer: Not at all. At the tender stage you can specify which local authorities you want to service, and this will not adversely affect the success of your tender. We have many suppliers who successfully work with us in this way.

Question: Do only 'big' companies win public sector contracts?

Answer: The majority of suppliers to our contracts are classified as Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Many contracts are framework agreements which feature a range of companies of all sizes. Local authorities can choose a supplier from the framework that best meets their requirements.

Question: Do you ensure Scottish or UK companies win public sector contracts?

Answer: Under EU procurement regulations it is prohibited to discriminate against companies from other EU member states. However, most companies which submit bids for our frameworks are based in the UK.  


Question: Why is the tender process so formal?

Answer: The process ensures that all suppliers are treated consistently and fairly, and that the tender process can be carried out with the highest degrees of transparency, honesty and integrity. However, we are always looking at ways to make the process more efficient for everyone involved.

Question: Which goods and services are covered by Scotland Excel contracts?

Answer: Scotland Excel manages the procurement of high value, high risk goods and services that are commonly used by all local authorities. Details can be found on our contract register. A range of other commodities are procured directly by local authorities or through national contracts managed by the Scottish Government.

Question: Can I join an existing framework agreement?

Answer: No, in accordance with EU regulations suppliers may not be added to existing frameworks. Suppliers interested in getting involved in our frameworks should participate in the tendering process when the framework is renewed. These are advertised on Public Contracts Scotland around six months before the expiry dates which can be found within our contract register.

Question: How does Scotland Excel engage with suppliers to encourage their involvement in collaborative procurement?

Answer: Scotland Excel regularly participates in national and regional Meet the Buyer events organised by the Supplier Development Programme and other industry bodies. Suppliers are welcome to contact us with any questions about our role in public procurement.

Question: How will I know when a contract is coming up for renewal?

Answer: All our tendering opportunities are published on Public Contracts Scotland, usually around six months prior to the start date. Expiry dates for existing contracts can be found on our contract register.

Question: Who do I contact at Scotland Excel about contracts?

Answer: Suppliers can use our  form for general queries or get in touch with specific contract owners. Details of the procurement contact for each contract is included within our contract register.

Question: What do I do as a supplier if I have concerns about my treatment by Scotland Excel or a local authority?

Answer: Scotland Excel and the local authorities have formal complaints procedures that you should follow. However, if these fail to provide a satisfactory conclusion, suppliers can raise concerns through the Single Point of Enquiry (SPoE). SPoE has been set up to provide suppliers to public sector or publicly funded bodies with an impartial point of contact where they can ask for advice or raise concerns about public procurement practices in Scotland.

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