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Question: What is Scotland Excel?

Answer:  Scotland Excel is the Centre of Procurement Expertise for the local government sector in Scotland. We develop and manage a portfolio of national contracts which deliver savings, encourage innovation, facilitate policy, support local economies and generate social value for communities. We also offer a range of education, training, consultancy and best practice initiatives to help members enhance their procurement performance.

Question: Why was Scotland Excel established?

Answer: Scotland Excel was established in 2008 following a review of public procurement in Scotland by John F. McClelland CBE which called for better collaboration and improved capability. Councils in Scotland agreed to create Scotland Excel as their sector's Centre of Procurement Expertise to facilitate collaboration and support improvements in procurement performance. We are one of three Centres of Procurement Expertise for the public sector in Scotland.

Question: How is Scotland Excel funded?

Answer: Scotland Excel is a non-profit making organisation, owned and funded by its members. Councils pay a subscription based on their population and associate members pay a fee based on contract usage.

Question: How is Scotland Excel managed?

Answer: Scotland Excel is governed by a Joint Committee of elected members from all local authority partners which is responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation as well as approving the annual budget and business plan. A sub-group of this body, the Executive Sub-Committee, meet regularly to approve contract awards and other key business decisions, while responsibility for reviewing performance is delegated to a Management Group of six local authority Chief Executives. 


Question: Where is Scotland Excel based?

Answer: Scotland Excel's office is located in Paisley. We also have a small number of staff based in Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

Question: What role does Scotland Excel have in regulating local authority procurement?

Answer: Scotland Excel is not a regulator of local authority procurement. However, we do carry out assessments for the sector as part of a national Procurement and Commercial Improvement Programme (PCIP). The objective of PCIP is to help public sector bodies benchmark their procurement policies and procedures, and develop plans for improving performance.

Question: Who deals with media enquiries?

Answer: For all media enquiries, please contact Lisa McIntyre on 0141 618 4646 or Maureen Robertson on 0141 618 7475.

Question: How can I make a Freedom of Information (FOI) request?

Answer: FOI requests can be made through our online enquiry facility or by writing to us at our office address.

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