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Question: What goods and services are covered by Scotland Excel contracts?

Answer: Scotland Excel manages the procurement of high value, high risk goods and services that are commonly used by all local authorities. Details can be found on our contract register. A range of other commodities are procured directly by local authorities or through national contracts managed by the Scottish Government. 

: Where can I find further information on using Scotland Excel contracts?

Answer: A range of documents to support the use of Scotland Excel contracts can be found within our password protected Members area. Use of this area is restricted to employees of local authorities and associate member organisations. Eligible users can register to access the Members area here

Question: What is a framework agreement and how does it differ from a contract?

Answer: A framework agreement establishes the terms and conditions under which purchases can be made throughout a specified period. It is a flexible approach for implementing procurement solutions that has benefits for both buyers and suppliersMost Scotland Excel 'contracts' are actually framework agreements although they are usually referred to as contracts. 

Buyers enter into a binding contract with suppliers when they use the framework to make a purchase. Most of our frameworks feature multiple suppliers, and members can 'call off' purchases with the supplier which best meets their needs or use a 'mini-competition' to select a supplier. Further information on framework agreements is available on the Scottish Government website.

Question: How do I find out which suppliers are on your frameworks?

Answer: Suppliers to each of our contracts can found within the contract register. Further information and contact details are available in the Members area for registered users.

Question: Can Scotland Excel source products for me?

Answer: Scotland Excel is unable to source products on an individual basis for customers. If you have a purchasing requirement that is not met by one of our contracts, please contact the Corporate Procurement Team at your local authority.

Question: What do I do if I am unhappy with a product or service purchased through your contracts?

Answer: You can contact the supplier directly to discuss the matter or use our form to register a complaint. Letting us know of problems helps us with contract and supplier management, and we are happy to investigate any issues on your behalf.

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