Scotland Excel


Scotland Excel works hard to secure best value for customers and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of procurement in Scotland’s public sector.

Collaborative procurement and shared services have a key role to play in saving money to protect front-line public sector services. A strategic approach to procurement also supports and encourages innovation in service delivery and brings wider economic, environmental and social benefits to communities.

With a portfolio of contracts worth £1billion, Scotland Excel delivers savings of around £15 million a year to local authorities and associate members. 

In fact, over the last 10 years, Scotland Excel has saved councils around £5 for every £1 invested in our operating costs. Further savings have been achieved through rebates and price negotiations which are delivered through robust supplier and contract management practices.  

But while cost savings through efficiency and innovation are important, they’re not the bottom line for Scotland Excel. Our contracts also facilitate national and local policy priorities, support the local economy, and generate additional social value for Scotland’s communities.

From encouraging employers to pay the living wage to promoting apprenticeships and job creation, our procurement frameworks are designed to realise the wider social and community benefits that public sector procurement can achieve. 

Scotland Excel encourages a wide variety of businesses to tender for contracts and around 70% of our suppliers are local small to medium enterprises (SMEs) which helps to secure local employment and economic growth. 

This section provides an overview of the impact of our work within our four contract categories - social care, construction, transport & environment, and corporate - and how our contracts deliver additional value for our communities.