Scotland Excel


We encourage innovation in our corporate frameworks, with a focus on saving money while improving services. 

Our corporate and education frameworks include customer service software, library books and text books, groceries, milk, personal protective equipment, catering, education and office furniture, and presentation and AV equipment.

Here are some examples of how our corporate frameworks are making a difference. 

Online school payments framework 

The online school payments framework offers online services for parents and schools across Scotland. It's designed to help schools collect an income of about £120m annually from purchases like school meals, trips, uniforms and tuition fees more efficiently. 

It's estimated that the admin costs associated with processing cash and cheque transactions are three times higher than processing transactions online. As well the convenience of making payments from home, there are other benefits for a 'cashless' system for children including reducing poverty stigma. 

As councils aim to adopt an increasing self-serve approach, enabling the public to access a wider range of services online, this framework shows the many benefits of this approach.

Groceries and provisions framework

A similarly innovative framework is delivering healthy and nutritious food options to Scottish schools.  The groceries and provisions framework – which meets the requirements of the Nutrition Act Scotland (2007) – delivers a range of grocery products to schools including dairy and chilled products, dried goods, ambient products, crisps, soft drinks and water.

Over the last few years, more people have wanted to know where their food is coming from and to have the ability to purchase Scottish produce where possible.  As a result of this and in line with the Scottish Government's Dairy Action Plan, Scotland Excel include dairy products with a country of origin of Scotland on the framework which has resulted in one of the supplier’s switching their cheese from an Irish product to a Scottish product with an increase to the Scottish economy of approximately £1.1million.

As well as looking at sourcing local / Scottish products where possible, Scotland Excel has also been working with suppliers to help bring Scottish SMEs on to our frameworks where possible.  This engagement with the market place prior to tender has contributed to the number of SMEs on the groceries framework increasing from 1 to 4.