Scotland Excel


Scotland Excel is committed to providing services of the highest standard. But we do understand that sometimes things can go wrong. If you have a concern or are dissatisfied in any way, we’ll do our best to help resolve the situation in a fair and transparent way.

Scotland Excel will investigate all complaints competently, diligently and impartially obtaining additional information as necessary. Every complaint will be assessed fairly, consistently and promptly taking into account all relevant factors to ensure a fair outcome for you.

There are three complaints routes that can be accessed by clicking the appropriate image below. 

Customer Complaints                  Supplier Complaints                 Other Complaints

Our commitment to you

    We’ll thoroughly investigate your complaint and offer a fair response that will take into account all the information available to us.

    We will do our best to resolve your complaint quickly, within three working days if possible. If this is not possible we will:

    • within 3 working days, provide a written acknowledgement of your complaint and give you the details of who is handling the case and how to contact them
    • keep you updated on the progress of your complaint, and
    • within 2 weeks of receiving your complaint, we will either write to you with our final response and the reasons for providing this response or explain why we are not in a position to give you a final response and let you know when we expect to be able to provide it.

    We may not always provide the answer you are looking for, but we’ll make sure we offer a clear explanation for our decision.