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Contract Register - Care Homes for Adults with Learning Disabilities Including Autism

Contract Number: 1918
Contract Category: Social Care
Contract Team: Social Care (Adults)
Procurement Lead: Christina Fraser
Contract Type: Framework Agreement
Start Date: 14 Oct 2019
End Date: 15 Sep 2023
Extension Period Option:
Extension Date:
Estimated Value (excl VAT): £106,000,000
Date of Award: 14 Oct 2019



Service Providers are advised that, if they have a current Council contract/framework in place the local agreement and rates apply, it is expected that there will be a gradual implementation of this framework by Councils/HSCPs, at a time when all parties are best placed to effect the new arrangements.


For any queries, please contact the Adult Social Care Team at

This flexible framework is a national collaborative framework agreement for care home services in Scotland for adults with learning disabilities over 18 and/or autism, who may (but not necessarily in all cases) also have profound and multiple learning disabilities or complex needs for:

  • People who require support in a Care Home before moving on to more independent options; and
  • People for whom Care Home support is the best way to meet their personal Outcomes.

Twenty-four (24) providers have been awarded onto the framework. Full details of the providers and care homes can be found in the Master Schedule individual providers and Award Schedule (Provider Information) within in the Documentation Section.

It also supports Scottish Government and Health and Social Care policy ambitions such as delayed discharge from hospital, and where possible, moving on to independent living. It is the second-generation framework for care home services on nationally agreed terms and conditions, service delivery and quality standards.

Flexible Framework:

The flexible framework will re-open at certain points throughout its four (4) year duration. This will allow new providers to join, ensuring a diverse range of services and providers are available to meet the varying needs of people across the country for people who need support in a care home setting.

As well as this, awarded providers can make variations annually when the framework reopens. For example, adding a new service, changing a geographical area or adding an additional care group to support.

The overarching aim of the flexible framework is to increase choice for people using services and deliver value for money in terms of price, service and quality. It will also increase transparency of the provider market and an improved understanding of the cost of Residential Care Home services for this service user group. It also seeks to drive innovation and best practice on a national level.

Main Users:

This national framework agreement has been developed to allow Scottish Councils and Health and Social Care Partnerships (HSCPs) and associate members/other bodies to commission and procure a variety of care and support services within Scotland.

The flexible framework is predominantly for people using Self-directed Support (SDS) Option 3. All services will be delivered in line with the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013.

Key Benefits:

The flexible framework is founded on the principles of the Care Inspectorate Health and National Care Standards. It introduces greater transparency around costs and supports commissioners to achieve improved value for money, it also offers:

  • Standardised commissioning and procurement approach for both Local Authorities, HSCP’s and Providers;
  • Enhanced Matching Process for Councils;
  • Standard suite of documentation and guidance that compliments individual Local Authority procurement regulations and HSCP assessment, care management and review processes;
  • Improved flexibility for awarded providers for new providers to apply to be on the framework at set periods throughout the duration of the agreement;
  • Single and streamlined approach to contract monitoring including continued delivery of the Real Living Wage and wider fair work practices;
  • Support to Self-directed Support legislation;
  • Fosters greater collaboration between partnerships and providers; and
  • Phased approaches to commissioning and continuity of services.

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