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Scotland Excel

Contract Register - Catering Sundries

Contract Number: 0915
Contract Category: Corporate
Contract Team: Corporate & Education
Procurement Lead: June Baxter
Contract Type: Framework Agreement
Start Date: 20 Oct 2016
End Date: 31 Jul 2020
Extension Period Option:
Extension Date:
Estimated Value (excl VAT): £24,000,000
Date of Award: 19 Oct 2016


This framework will provide councils with a mechanism to procure a range of Catering Sundries products including disposable cups, tableware, food containers, food packaging, cookware, crockery, cutlery, glassware, utensils and other table service wares.

Main Users:

A range of departments and functions can access the framework including catering environments including schools, cafes and restaurants, corporate and civic locations, leisure centres’, community centres and social work premises

Lot Structure:

Lot 1 – Catering Disposables
Lot 2 – Catering Sundries
Lot 4 – Insulated Containers


The overall savings figure is 7% which equates to a saving of £220k per annum. There is scope for councils to obtain further savings from non-core, bulk delivery and early settlement discounts.
Price Stability
For all lots, suppliers have agreed to hold prices for a year.
Any requests for price increases will be considered in accordance with the Scotland Excel process and evaluated against a range of appropriate market analysis indices.
Sustainability Benefits
A range of sustainability measures were offered within the framework by suppliers, including a range of reusable and recycled products, packing, delivery of specialist knowledge in assisting councils to reduce waste. Transportation sustainability include; Euro VI engines in delivery vehicles.
Community Benefits
A range of community benefits were offered by suppliers which includes sponsorships, donations of surplus stock, educational/School visits, work experience, community involvement and supporting special catering events.

Contact Information:

Framework Owner: June Baxter
Telephone: 0141 618 7763

Alliance Disposables Ltd
Bfs Group Ltd ( T/a Bidvest Catering Supplies)
Brake Bros Ltd
Bunzl UK Limited T/A Bunzl Catering Supplies
Bunzl UK Ltd T/A Lockhart Catering
GMC Corsehill
Instock Disposables Ltd
Nisbets Plc
Tri-star Packaging Supplies Limited
Unico Limited